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Life is short, and it is up to you to make it sweet.

It was April 9, 2018 when my life gave a 180 turn. I was diagnosed with type one diabetes. 

Hearing the Doctor say "she needs to get transferred immediately to the nearest hospital, she is in a Diabetic coma level".. I was so confused.  

I remember sitting in urgent care and thinking to myself, why me? What did I eat? What did I do wrong? I was so lost and scared. Thankfully I wasn't alone, my boyfriend was with me and took the strength out to call my parents and tell them the news. 

Ambulance arrived and takes me to emergency where the nightmare stared. Insuline shots, IV's, more shots...

Tears started running down my face because I still had no idea what was going on, I felt so out of it, I could not believe what my life was going to be like since that moment. Looking across the room and seeing my support team was the only peace I had that moment, but by their faces I knew they were more confused and lost than what I was. By that time I was already down two IV and one insulin dose, sugar was lowering (342) which is still pretty high for any human. 


The Doctor decided to keep me over night in order to keep control and finish doing some tests. By around 3:45am my blood was somewhat close to normal. I was able to get some little sleep that night, my head was not emotionally ready for this bomb. Six in the morning the next day I get an insulin shot for my wake up call and an IV for breakfast, I knew it will be a very long day. 

Long story short, after several test results and I was officially diagnose with type 1 diabetes with an A1C of 13.8. Thank God for the three people sitting in that room with me. 

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